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Imagination still King

Future technology Photography small  Lens cameraTechnology continues to advance each day and with each new discovery people are amazed by what humans have accomplished.  We think of how far we have come and everything that our new technology can do for us to make our lives a little better.  We think about how innovative we are and how impressive our skills as inventors are.  While most people may be in total awe of what we are able to make, I think about something else.  I think about the power of our imagination and I think about how it will always outpace any technology humans will ever create.  The picture to the right is what some people believe to be the future of photography.  The huge lens can take a snapshot of whatever it is looking pointed towards and it immediately streams the digital information to a computer.  My reaction to this future camera was at first a sense of awe.  No doubt it looks cool andserves its purpose quite well.  But then for some reason I though back to when I was 5 years old.  If you asked me then what the best way to take a picture I probably would’ve told you something along the lines of, “Oh, just make a box out of your fingers, put it

Concept Phones Of The Future 2

up to your eyes and say snap.”  Now that may seem totally ridiculous, but back then my imagination allowed me to believe that I could really take a picture using only my hands and my eyes.  So although that future camera may seem really high tech it still is far inferior to the camera my imagination was able to create.  Another example of this phenomenon was only a few years ago in 2007 when Apple announced that they were coming out with a “touch screen” ipod.  Before I had seen the actual prototype I though to myself wow that’s pretty cool they’ve actually come up with a totally flat touch screen.  What I imagined was actually very similar to the picture to the right.  As soon as I heard touch screen I thought it would be a clear flat screen with almost no depth.  However, the actual ipod touch fell abruptly short of my expectations.  Even today they have yet to develop and shelf a product like the one I imagined.  Technology will continue to progress, but it seems that simple imagination will always be years ahead of any invention.

  1. daddehs1
    February 6, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    I think that’s one of the reasons sci-fi is so big as a genre, because no matter how cool technology in real life gets, there’s much cooler things people can imagine and write books or make movies about. Still, for me whenever I hear about some incredible new technological advancement, there’s a different feeling than when you watch a sci-fi movie with really well done special effects because I think wow, this is actually something real that someone actually made. And it does take a lot of imagination and creativity to be able to create something like that when you’re restricted by the physical laws of reality.

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