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Is the tablet worth the buzz?

Forbes has called the tablet the “buzz word” of 2011 and it truly seems that the tablet has taken over these days. You walk into a coffee shop and find everyone engrossed in the shiny and small tablet device. I never thought about the invention of such a portable device because, well, we already have the laptop.

Currently Apple rules the tablet market, with the iPad, which launched the tablet industry. Apple has sold over 14 million tablets since it first went onto the market in April 2010 and they are expected to have over 7 billion dollars in sales by 2015. The iPad started the tablet craze and now dozens of new tablets are on the market, including the Motorola device tablet. I came across this commercial for the new tablet device from Motorola and was captivated by its unique take on the evolution of the tablet and the comedic qualities of the advertisement. The commercial not only portrays past literal tablets, such as the Rosetta Stone, but presents and ridicules what is thought of today as the tablet, such as Motorola’s biggest tablet competitor, the iPad.

I am not the biggest advocate of the tablets, but I must say I’m beginning to see what others see in them due to their size, shape, and capabilities (its like a hybrid between a phone and laptop). The iPad has boasted about the enhanced experience that comes from using the tablet. The multi-touch screen with the bright LED-backlight makes images come to life. The 9.7-inch high-resolution screen allows one to experience a unique way to surf the Internet, watch videos, and multi-task all at the convenience of ones fingertips (literally, since the iPad is a touch screen device).  All these features draw you into the beauty of such a portable device.

The tablet seems to be the next logical step in the evolution of the portable computer but the main question stands: Is a tablet a better device to own than a laptop? Though the craze right now is the tablet, in a few years the tablet will be seen as an obsolete device and a new and smaller device will be the “buzz word.”

Will the tablet be able to last like Ralph Numbers in Rudy Rucker’s book Software, or will it disappear into the technological past.  It’s up to you to decide if the tablet really is a buzz or if it is simply a fad that will fade away.

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