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Picky about Wiki?

Whenever I sit down to Google something, the reason for my searching is clear: I am in the pursuit of information, and I want to collect this data as quickly as possible. Often times, when the subject of my search is something common, such as a name, event, or place, the first result I see is from Wikipedia. Wikipedia describes itself as a “free, web-based, collobartive, multilingual encyclopedia”, with over 17 million articles.  For a long time, I wasn’t sure what to make of this user-created site. My initial reaction, like that of most middle-schoolers, was of sheer jubilation. In my 8th grade Technology class, when I originally found out that you could literally write anything you wanted on any page, I absolutely went to town. George Washington was all of the sudden the shortstop for the Yankees, the Grand Canyon became a hole in my bathroom floor, and the Battle of Gettysburg turned into a fight between robots and aliens. Clearly, in the years since then, the novelty of writing such fallacious remarks on a public forum has worn off (though this may not be true for all, judging by College ACB). As I’ve progressed through my years as a student, more reliable sources have come to the forefront, yet Wikipedia remains my “go-to” for any quick reference.


By evaluating Wikipedia’s immense popularity, one can infer a great deal about the time period we are living in. The age of technology has undoubtedly made finding out information much easier. Whereas our parents had to go to the library and leaf through books to discover what they were looking for, nearly all the information in the world is available at our fingertips.Yet with this ease of discovery comes the danger of erroneous information. Seeing as any individual with access to Wikipedia can post on it, one can never be sure if what they are reading is actually accurate. Yet ultimately, this is something the average user is able to look past, an indicator of the flawed society that technological advances have created. Each person makes their own determination regarding the truth, as some will believe everything they read, while others hold out for more reliable and supported information. Thus begging the question: Are you picky about Wiki?

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