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FIFA ’11

There is a general sentiment among most adults that videogames are hazardous to our generation. People accuse videogames of being antisocial, unproductive, and a waste of time. Some even blame violent video games for certain crime. However, I don’t think videogames are all that bad. Yes, here is another form of technology that makes us lazier, but there is to it. Being that I really started playing videogames this year at college (and by videogames, I mean FIFA ’11. Yeah, that’s it), I can proudly say that I have learned more about how professional soccer than I otherwise would ever know. In addition to learning the names of players, teams, where each rank, and different leagues, I have also acquired a vast amount of knowledge on how to play the game–both the videogame and the actual sport.

And since I haven’t played soccer competitively since I was seven years old, this videogame has helped teach me about a sport that I would never have learned otherwise.

On top of that, playing Fifa is always a social experience for me. This could be due to the fact that I don’t own any gaming systems so I am always playing in other people’s rooms. Regardless, I feel like most people who play this game tend to play against a friend, not the computer. I happen to play two on two, which is basically the most social I’ll ever get. SICK.

But back to the big idea. videogames are not all that bad after all. On the contrary, they are yet another medium of technology through which we can learn unique information more conveniently, and have fun doing it. Maybe the real goal should be to turn homework into videogames. Imagine if history textbooks turned into videogames–I bet students would have a much easier time learning and understanding the information. Imagine the possibilites! JUST DO IT

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