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X-37B: Advance in NASA Research or Spy Plane?

As I was surfing on the web, I came across a peculiar article on the website, Wired.  In their article, they discussed a new invention for space.  The invention they were discussing was Boeing’s new X-37B  “space plane”.  Apparently it is a space craft that is unmanned and can carry any payload needed for missions in space.  It can go into orbit six months at a times and return without the risk of injuring any astronauts.  This could potentially put astronauts out of business, but the main problem lies with foreign affairs.

This 29-foot space/aircraft is capable of entering and exiting the atmosphere without the need people inside piloting it.

As great as this new piece of technology sounds to us, it may not sound so great to other countries.  The main problem about the X-37B  is that other nations believe that the vehicle could be used as a spy plane to spy on other countries from low orbit.  Also, they believe that it can be used to spy or “hijack” other countries’s satellites using “inspection” gear stowed in its payload bay.  But so far, the United States Air Force, who launched the X-37B into orbit for a test run in April, have had problems with the plane changing orbits. So, are other countries just being paranoid conspiracy theorists or are they getting some where with this?  In my opinion, I believe that the X-37B is a plane whose original intention is for the advancement of NASA research, but it has the potential to “hijack” other satellites.  I don’t think we will use that ability unless a national crisis occurs in which that capability is needed.  But for now, the plane is only in it’s experimental stages, so other countries have nothing to fear right now.

Is this piece of machinery an advancement of NASA research or a potential tool of war? You decide.




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