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Geminoid: Freakishly Human

The similarity between humans and robots has been increasing as the years go by and this is extremely evident in Geminoid DK, which can be easily mistaken for a human being. The development of robots has a long and rich history, transforming robots made of metal to robots made of synthetic skin and hair. The 1950s were the birth of the industrial robot and since then the age of robots has take off with countless robot inventions that seem to surpass expectations.

The Geminoid itself has undergone extreme changes and advancements from the first one created in Japan by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro to the newest one created by Danish Professor Scharfe. A Geminoid is a remote controlled android robot powered by a silent air servo system that can mimic facial expressions and sounds. The first Geminoid created HI-1, was created in 2005 by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro who is the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan. After HI-1, Geminoid F1 was created as the female version which could not only mimic facial expressions but also laughter.

The newest Geminoid is known as Geminoid DK and was built in Tokyo by Kokoro, a company that focuses on creating robots and has created numerous robots including the I-Fairy and the Humanoid Robot. The Geminoid DK is the newest member of the Geminoid family, joining Geminoids HI-1 and F1.

The Geminoid is going to be used to research the “emotional affordances in human-robot interaction” and study the different views that cultures have on robots. Geminoid DK is currently in Japan, but when it arrives in Denmark the research will begin to study the relationship that humans have with such human like robots.

Many people view Geminoid DK as an incredible technological advancement while others are still in shock of how human-like Geminoid Dk is. This causes one to wonder how long it will be until robots will live among us and be undetectable in our society.


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