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One Step Closer to Palmer

Many movies, video games, and science fiction media seem to have an affinity for bionic limbs such as Palmer Eldrich in The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. (An adaptation is shown below)

These limbs can range from the robotic arm with attached grappling hook of a bionic soldier to the leg of some femme fatale with a rocket launcher instead of a knee cap.  This brings up the question: how close are we to actually making some of these amazing feats of technology?  In the past few years, our technology has increased exponentially and with it our ability to craft these bionic limbs.  Recently, limbs such as this leg

have been developed and used to assist those that have been disabled. In the video, the company that manufactured the robotic leg used an AI to compare data from the functioning leg, translate it  to the robotic one, and then stimulate movement by other software. Assessing the individual portions of this technique, one can see how far we have advanced in biological studies, robotic engineering, and software design.  This type of research, in my opinion, would be the most beneficial to the world.  A good portion of the world has need of research such as this. By developing further advances in robotics and this sort of software engineering, the world may be able to be better adapted to situations such as the Japan nuclear reactor meltdown by making objects such as radiation resistant shells or assist in the adaptation of a soldier returning from war after being injured.  So is it really a bad thing that we are all going to be branded by Eldritch? I for one think it would be rather nice to have those limbs.

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