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As well all know, Barney Mayerson is a precog in “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.” Seen in a relatively trivial light, this character has the ability to predict certain parts of the future. Additionally, “Minority Report” (2003) engrosses us in a world in which precogs see future murders and allow officers to arrest murderers before they commit the crime (a slightly less trivial outlook). Still, precognition is an unbelievable phenomenon, but is it possible that such an ability exists? Extensive research has been done in determining the validity of various claims of precognition.

 A particularly interesting case is that of J.W. Duanne, a British aeronautics engineer in the early 1900s who recorded each of his dreams as they occurred to him. he then identified any correlations between what occurred in his dreams and what happened in the future. His conclusion was that over 10% of his dreams represented some sort of future event–some incidents in Duanne’s own life, and other being major news events. however, Duanne did not consider himself so special; rather he felt that prerogative dreams are common manifestations. Further, he reasoned that most people do not realize this because they cannot recall the details of their dreams.

So who knows, maybe all of us contain this untapped resource to the future. Maybe we are all precogs. It’s just unfortunate that we can’t remember our dreams…

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