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I’m sure by this point we’ve all heard about Facebook’s constant dance with invasion of privacy. A lot of people are upset, and for good reason, that their personal information is being sold to companies after Facebook has gone to such great lengths to make you feel safe sharing on their site. So isn’t it good to know that Facebook aren’t the only ones doing this! Far from it, in fact; it seems as if nowadays it’s just safer to assume that any company that knows anything about you is recording this data and planning on using it to make more money at the expense of your privacy. At least that’s what Apple has been doing recently.

Apparently there’s this little hidden tracking software on the latest version of iOS which stores your geographical location all the time. The best part is that not only do they keep this information that you’re constantly transmitting through wifi, it’s also all in a database file on your iPhone. And this file is actually pretty damn easy to find and decrypt. That means that if someone gets a hold of your phone, or let’s say any computer that you’ve backed up your phone on, they can find out exactly where you’ve been since you’ve had that device in your pocket. People have known about this for a while now, but only recently has it made any sort of impact. What does this say about the relationship between us and technology? We’ve discussed a lot the ways in which the line is blurring, and now we have more and more examples of how people are become more and more combined with their gadgets without even knowing it. When you and your phone’s location are one (which for a lot of us is a good percentage of the time) you can be broadcasting a lot more about yourself, through the device, than you may know.

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