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War in Cyberspace = Cyberwarfare?

It seems as if every aspect has been influenced by cyber space from the way we socialize to the way we shop, but now it seems that cyber space is influencing the way we go to war. No, it doesn’t mean we will actually be fighting other nations in cyberspace through war simulators such as those found in video games, rather it will influence the attack methods used during war.It seems like a strange concept to understand. How does cyberspace and warfare mesh together, especially in the world today? Richard Clarke, a government security expert, has defined cyber warfare as “actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation’s computers or networks for the purpose of causing damage or disruption.” Others have define cyber warfare as a way to take advantage over an opponent by “compromising the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of a computing device.” Cyber warfare has gained a lot of popularity and credibility in our nations government an in May of 2010, the Pentagon created the US Cyber Command. This organization is designed to defend the nation’s military networks and attack other countries’ networks.

Cyber warfare consists of different methods of attack such as espionage, national security breaches, sabotage, infiltrations to the electrical power grid, and more. Cyber attacks could not only disrupt a nations transportation system, communication system, banking sector but it could also disrupt the lives and civilians and potentially cause causalities. The main target networks are those such as news media networks, the 911 emergency system, medical information systems, and the “auto-mated clearinghouse functions of major banks.” Cyber warfare is such an effective method due to the fact that most computers are connected in some way around the world. It has been found that 95% of the computers worldwide belong to privately owned networks and are connected in some way. This is a pretty scary thing to realize, but it reemphasizes the topic of privacy and cyber space.

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