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Brain Download 95% Complete, Time Remaining: 39 years.

While skeptics still speak out, more and more leading scientists are beginning to believe that it will one day actually be possible to download the human brain onto an external hard-drive. While computers are becoming incredibly intelligent and powerful(The IBM BlueGene computer can perform 72 trillion calculations per second), there has still been to date no match for the human brain. Billions of years of evolution have seemed to hone this natural organ to incredible ability. But soon, researchers predict that we will be able to read the neural networks within the brain and convert them into readable code. As Ian Pearson, head of the Futurology unit at British Technology says “‘If you draw the timelines, realistically by 2050 we would expect to be able to download your mind into a machine, so when you die it’s not a major career problem.”

Although this concept seems impossible, the truth is that we are not as far away as we think. The entire basis of computing relies on many of the same principles that are utilized by the human brain. Arrangements of wires, currents, and processors all currently exist in one form or another in the human brain. But this begs some lofty philosophical questions. If we can completely analyze and translate every neural interaction in the human brain, would what exists on that external hard drive actually be the individual consciousness, the person that that brain inhabited? This questions draws heavily on Rudy Rucker’s Software in which many of them were analyzed in novel form. In my opinion, the answer to this question is yes. I believe that the consciousness is the result of the placement an interactions of the neurons in the brain, nothing more and nothing less. But what does this mean? Well possibly the most exciting application is the fabled concept of immortality. If you could accurately download all of the existing thoughts, memories, and workings of the human brain onto a hard-drive, then you could upload the same information into another human brain in another body(possible a genetic copy), and you would be the same person. Continuing to do this might mean that humans could live for hundreds or even thousands of years. While technology is not yet at this level, we are rapidly approaching this ability and the question is an important one, both in philosophical and scientific terms.

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