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Meatspace v. Cyberspace… FIFA Edition.

This semester (especially toward the beginning) we have discussed countless times how meatspace and cyberspace interact with each other in various ways. Having never truly thought about this topic before, I was curious to hear and read what other classmates and authors thought about cyberspace and meatspace. I liked how we consistently found tension between the two worlds and had the freedom to share with each other the ways in which we see cyberspace and meatspace violently collide.

From reading Neuromancer, we decided that the two are not mutually exclusive but rather intertwined realms that have the power to impact each other in significant ways. For example, Case’s meatspace becomes almost annoyingly ambiguous the deeper he involves himself into cyberspace as a cowboy. On a different note, Jason Lanier comments in You Are Not a Gadget: a Manifesto that cyberspace (in the form of Facebook, for example) allows users to put their identities online. As Lanier argues, this jeopardizes privacy – which I can interpret as privacy in meatspace. And lastly, but not exhaustively, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch also debates the topic of identity throughout the entire novel. Philip K. Dick’s book suggests that interaction in cyberspace can severely impact one’s meatspace, specifically in the form of bodily identity. Think Palmer Eldritch’s utterly inhuman “body,” arguably the ramifications of his mingling in a different type of cyberspace – the drug-induced realms of colonists on Mars.

But instead of talking about how they affect each other, which they certainly do, I want to know, based on my classmate’s blog posts, which world would win: cyberspace or meatspace. Since we often find ourselves on the topic of FIFA, why don’t we think of it as a soccer game. Whichever realm scores the most points, wins.

And so the battle begins…

Katie posted about her experience as one of ChaCha’s newest employees. Finishing the post, Katie comments, “For me to get this technologically centered job showed how unavoidable it is for cyberspace and the Internet to creep its way into every facet of our lives.” Point for cyberspace? I don’t think so. Katie continues, “This, at least to me, is a predictable path our future will take, but I didn’t expect so much ‘meatspace’ to enter its way into [cyberspace].”

Cyberspace: 0, Meatspace: 1

On the other hand, Sasha describes in his blog post, “25 Years Later,” the technological advancements of the laptop computer in the last, you guessed it, twenty-five years. He concludes with the bold statements, “We don’t need to go into cyberspace, because it’s already in our world… [Cyberspace] invaded our world and took it over.” Cyberspace makes a daring kick with three meatspace defenders attacking… Cyberspace shoots and scores!

Cyberspace: 1, Meatspace: 1

Finally, considering the analogy, let’s look at Tyler’s aptly named blog post, “FIFA ’11.” While he does not mention and debate meatspace and cyberspace directly, Tyler implies more than just the entertainment aspect of FIFA when he states, “[Video games] are yet another medium of technology through which we can learn unique information more conveniently, and have fun doing it.” Reading this and considering the conversation at hand, I can deduce that cyberspace has the upper hand in this context. He even claims, “I happen to play two on two, which is basically the most social [interaction] I’ll ever get. SICK.” Meatspace is getting pretty tired and doesn’t look very good anymore…

Cyberspace: 2, Meatspace: 1

Game over? For now.

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