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The “Imagining” Part.

Several of the films and books we have viewed this semester seem to take a creative approach to making the novels.  Neuromancer decided to change the structure of the world and lable several ideals that we consider normal in our society, such as the way our social levels blend, and alter them completely.  Videodrome took the idea of television and advanced it to a sort of religion.  Coming up with these sorts of ideas takes something incredible: imagination.

(Mayor of Imagination Land

Imagination is present everywhere in the cyberpunk novels and most media in general.  Fellow blog poster hirschms commented on movies in his blog post by saying, “While seeing Avatar in theatres . . . was an unbelievable visual spectacle, it is a movie that lacks character development, and centers around a plot identical to that of Pocahontas.”  Although the movie did have a plot very similar to movies such as Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas, one can  deny that the Alien cultures took quite a bit of creative juices to be able to formulate.    This same creative power also premeates through several of our more interactive media such as Digital: A Love Story.  This game creates a computer that tries to be close to a human and then makes an entire world revolve around the world of interlaying AIs.  Another example of video games combining to make a great display of imagination is in Heavy Rain.  As another fellow blog poster Jordan Lucas commented saying, “Heavy Rain is a game that takes the player into the world of a murder mystery.  The story is delicately crafted to the point that it is comparable to Sherlock Holmes.”   The same concept of bringing us into an entirely different world happens in this game as Lucas mentions and also uses these creative juices to add to it.  Having played the game myself, there was one character that stood out for me.  He was a drug addicted FBI agent who used this set of glasses to teleport himself to different places.  This mix of technology and complete imersion in different areas is basically what Cyberspace was in Neuromancer.  What does this imagination hold for our future though?  Will we become dependant on space travel and medical surgeries to become happy like in The Three Stigmata? Will the “similarity between humans and robots [increase] as the years go by” as suggest by other fellow blog poster rodrigin?

I think it will.  I have mentioned before that we are getting much closer to Palmer Eldritchish mechanical limbs so the concept of humans advancing farther in other areas of technology are not too much of a stretch.  I, for one, welcome these changes and will glady watch as we build our first space colony

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