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Under control of robots?

One of the topics that I found interesting was regarding the power that technology may have on our lives in the future. Technology has become an influential and necessary part of our every day lives from using Wikipedia and other online sources to find information to driving our cars to get from one place to another. I don’t think any of us could live without technology in today’s society, but as we saw in the episode of Futurama technology can turn us into zombies following its every command.

Though we didn’t really spend much time discussing it in class, the material we read probably made all of us think about the power that technology can have over us one day. Is it possible for robots to evolve and try to take over humans, as was the case in Software? Aimee, Chris, and Jordan all discussed this topic in one of their blog posts. Aimee pointed out in her blog the possible warning that Gibson may be giving his audience: “Someday we won’t be able to tell the difference between cyberspace and meat space.” This makes you think about the discussions we had about reality versus virtual reality and how it is possible to get lost in the world of virtual reality for it quite accurately mimics the world of reality. Chris raised the question regarding how we as humans should feel about the intelligence that robots have and asked, “ How long will it be until future generations of super computers exceed human ability at other tasks?” Jordan thought the same way about the development of the new X-37B space plane stating, “ This could potentially put astronauts out of business.” Though technological advancements are seen as amazing human developments, should we be worried that one day these human developments will start to replace us humans and eventually blur the line between cyberspace and meat space?

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