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The Pros and Cons of Technology

So we’ve finally come to the end (termination), and I’m sure that I speak for the entire class when I say that this class has taken me on a road I had never travelled. However, the ideas that we have discussed are not only interesting, but also relevant in today’s society. Technology is the ever-changing enigma that we have explored, and there is only speculation as to what technology will become. Its potential is endless, and that fact excites some, and frightens others (Professor Rejack and co.). But both sides have valid arguments. Being an analytical thinker (Thanks “Writing Analytically”!), I like to break things down into pros and cons. Facebook is a perfect medium through which we can examine the pros and cons of technology’s relationship with humanity.

Let’s begin with some pros:  In Katie’s blog post, Online Orgy Cult (appropriate title), she examines the idea of a Facebook “friend” with an anecdote of her “officially form[ing] my first Facebook ‘friendship’.” Her post acknowledges the difference between a Facebook friend and a real friend, but interestingly joins the two ideas of friendship into one. Through Facebook, Katie made a real friend. She even took a picture with him…

Katie’s post exemplifies one of the positive attributes of Facebook. Additionally, Facebook allows people to keep in touch with old friends, and acts as a medium for “stalking and talking about yourself” (kbrown92).

However, with all of the great social advances gained by using Facebook comes the issues–ranging from privacy to the reduction of personhood. The great Jaron Lanier inspects and scrutinizes these concerns in his manifesto, “You Are Not a Gadget.” In short, he concludes that Facebook reduces what it means to be an individual by forcing its users to adapt themselves to the same template. With regard to privacy, he alludes to Facebook’s campaign to attract advertisers; their platform consisting of giving advertisers user information in order to help advertisers specialize and zone in on their target victims. In her blog post, “Facetime:  Bringing us Together, or Apart?” Alexie argues that technology “is a force of depersonalization,” and exemplifies this claim with the facade  of “cyber personalities.” Facebook is a perfect model that allows “cyber personalities” to exist. Alexie goes even further, blaming technology for our society’s lack of “social etiquette, how to interact face-to-face with others, and overall social skill.” And there is a lot of truth to her argument.

So here we are, stuck in the middle. Technology, such as Facebook, has such extreme positive and negative qualities that it is very difficult to pick a side. Most of us end up going with the flow. We can only speculate the direction that Facebook is moving in, for it is taking a road not yet travelled. Hopefully, that path doesn’t end too badly.

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