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Superbowl XLVI 3D coming to….a TV near you?

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

After reading and watching all of these “hi-tech” books and movies in class, I am left wishing that we had technology that allowed us to experience a matrix or travel to a space station base. Though we seem nowhere close to creating a “matrix”, or at least not like the one found in the movie, we are making great strides in visual technology, specifically 3D projection. Aside from all the 3D movies coming out, the concepts of 3D TVs is finally coming true. My first question when I heard about 3D TVs was “well how does that work?” 3D technology can be produced in a variety of different ways: stereoscopic capture, multi-view capture, and 2D plus depth. The basic idea of a 3D picture is projecting two images slightly off center, one for your left eye, and one for your right. This can be done using eyeglasses that separate the images for each eye. The TV can also split the images automatically for the viewer so that there is no need for glasses.

Given our experience with 3D movies, why wouldn’t we want our TVs to also project in 3D? First off, the starting price for a 3D TV is around 2,000 dollars. Assuming your tech savvy enough to buy a TV, you will probably invest in a 3D Blue Ray DVD player for around 400 dollars. Many of the TVs come with eyeglasses (4), however each additional pair goes for around 150. Since this is such new technology, there are no standards in the industry; therefore a Panasonic pair of glasses will not work with a Samsung TV. If you have a few friends come over, and you don’t have enough glasses, or the right brand of glasses, you can’t all watch the TV.

On top of this, there are not that many stations to choose from. ESPN and SKY 3D (the fist 3D channel), are two of the few 3D channels. Occasionally other channels will broadcast special programming in 3D, such as sporting events or movies, but there are not many channels that you can rely on for constant 3D broadcasting. Lastly, though the selection of channels is limited, what programs DO we want to broadcast in 3D? Do we really want to watch Oprah or Gossip Girl in 3D? I personally want 3D television to enrich my entertainment experiment, but for shows like Lost or 24, or the Superbowl and not for The Real Housewives of Atlanta or commercials for OxyClean . There is no definite line for what shows or programs should be broadcasted in 3D and which ones should stay in 2D because it is simply a matter of public preference. However, until this technology drops in price, improves in functionality, and expands in options, it will quickly phase out of the industry.