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February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

A few years ago, I started to really get into live music. By live music, I don’t necessarily mean concerts (although I do love concerts), but even televised live music, because bands prove their true talent through live performances. When DVRing various concerts on TV didn’t quite cut it for me, I turned to Youtube. Youtube works wonders. At the time, I had just learned how to play “Drops of Jupiter” by Train on the piano, so I looked up a few of their live performances. I viewed a couple videos, but then accidentally clicked on this cover band at the bottom of that tab on the right side. Best mistake I’ve ever made. Two years ago, I was one of the first youtube viewers for a cover band called Boyce Avenue–a band composed of three brothers who put their music on youtube with the hope of getting famous. Before I could go back to the previous page, the music started playing, and it was amazing. To me, Boyce Avenue’s rendition of the song is even better than Train’s. And that goes for almost all of their covers.

Now, the Boyce Avenue “Drops of Jupiter” cover has over 2.5 million hits, and the band is performing concerts all around the world, and have become quite well known (at least compared to a few years ago). I know it seems like this blog is an advertisement for Boyce Avenue, and so far it is. But the main idea here is that, through the internet, I have discovered someone’s hidden talent, a talent I most likely would not have found otherwise. At the same time, Boyce Avenue has found another fan (probably their number one fan), and that is one step closer to them becoming famous. Boyce Avenue has come a long way since I started listening to them, and that just proves how the internet has become this extremely useful medium for discovering talent.

A more famous example of this success is Justin Bieber. Even though I am not particularly a fan of his music, he started his career on youtube, and now he’s making movies.


Maybe Boyce Avenue will one day make their own movie too. You never know. Even my 12 year old sister has put up a few youtube videos of her singing. I think she is amazing, but my opinion is probably a little biased. I’m posting her video anyways.

Whether she becomes famous of not, that fact that she believes in the internet’s ability to grant her fame is enough in itself to prove my point: ¬†Without technology like Youtube, so many of the people we hear about today would still be undiscovered. Youtube works wonders.

Oh and I have to post the newest Boyce Avenue video too because it is absolutely amazing.