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Why so crazy?

February 15, 2011 1 comment

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In 2005, the Website known as YouTube went public.  This launch spawned the sharing of millions of videos ranging from song remixes to skateboard wipeouts. But as many people discover after watching several of these popular videos, the newer ones now that get popular seem to be slightly . . . off.  Several of the videos that get featured on shows such as Tosh.0 and Websoup , both TV shows which feature popular internet videos of the week, seem to be bordering on the insane.

These borderline insane videos such as Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time: Side Pork (for those with delicate ears this video does have language so here is a plot summary [Guy goes shopping for dinner, goes home and cooks dinner in an extreme way,]) seem to become popular rather quickly; this video has almost a million views with it releasing at the end of January.  Another video that attracted several million views was the guy, yes I know it is hard to believe that the person is actually a dude, who did the “leave Britney alone” rant (again official warning on the language.) 

This video has acquired over 35 million views as well as the star of the video, Chris Crocker, being interviewed on Tosh.0.  But why do these videos seem to get all the attention that they do?  Is it because people these days just don’t get the same kick out of “regular” comedy anymore?  I personally think that it is because this is where the normal comedy of America has shifted in the recent years. Several examples of this “normal” comedy seem to be present in movies such as Get Him to the Greek and Anchorman, instead of the older comedic styles of George Carlin.                   

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