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Brian Rejack maintains an active love/hate relationship with digital culture, and veers wildly between the two poles from day to day. As such, he feels qualified to teach this course without either hating on the Singularity too much, or blindly worshipping the digital gods. Except for the first few posts, he creates no content here. He will act mostly as a maintenance daemon of sorts. Contrary to many reports, he is not a terminator, nor is a he soulless robot of any kind.

Kaitlin Brown is a PC. Droid phone, Dell laptop, but unfortunately gave into Mac for an iPod Touch. Technology savvy, but not a technology lover. She prefers to not overuse technology, but instead socialize (F2F). She often falls short of this goal when sucked into the black hole of facebook, stumbleupon, twitter, and sporcle. There is a constant battle between technology and her finishing her homework.

Dustin Chandler attempts to keep up-to-date with new technological advances because he finds them interesting; this does not mean that he is technologically savvy.  Dustin often enjoys keeping conversations light-hearted, but will delve into serious topics when the situation requires it.  As such, he does enjoy listening to people’s  opinions on several different topics.  He also frequents youtube where he has subscribes to and watches several users.

Julia Chandler follows the normal trends of society when it comes to technology. She enjoys the simplicity that technology can bring to everyday life such as the convenience of an iPod on a run or the unique social experience of facebook but prefers to keep her interaction to technology limited. Besides the occasional text and e-mail, Julia prefers to keep her conversations personal and away from the world of technology.

Sasha Daddeh


Cory Flavin is a stumbler, a user of genius, a reader of a few blogs along with having a blackberry and a Macbook.  Although all those facts made lead an outsider to believe that he is a lover of technology, the opposite is actually true.  He hopes to keep his use of technology only to when it is needed and in general to do without it.

Christopher Grava seeks an escape from his MacBook, iPhone, and Facebook through music, nature, and real-life socializing, yet struggles to ever truly break free from his technological chains.  He wavers between a fascination and fear of future advances in technology, but for now is simply enjoying the slow ride into the future.

Christina Hansen is desperately trying to come to terms with this daunting age of technology.  She prefers pen and paper to computerized text and Word document, and she is legitimately terrified of anything more complicated than texting, Facebook, and sending an email.  However, she finds herself simultaneously fascinated by society’s obsession with advancement in the digital sciences, and she strives to establish a somewhat civil relationship with technology by the end of this course.

Tyler Hechler is an artificial intelligence created by Neuromancer to replicate a human. He is basically the terminator, but also enjoys long walks on the beach, entertaining youtube videos, and facebook (stalking). Other than that, this AI plays piano, golf, and is better at math than english–most robots are good with numbers. Oh, and just to give everyone the heads up, Professor Rejack is also a terminator…

Matthew Hirsch is a proud detainee in Apple’s velvet prison. Although his mom is convinced that he is some sort of technological guru capable of fixing anything, his knowledge of technology is fairly limited. Nevertheless, Matt can text and play FIFA with the best, and is looking forward to expanding his understanding of cyberspace. Ultimately, he looks forward to the future, as technology advances will make our lives as easy as possible.

Aimee Logeman truly has no experience with technology other than with her new smart phone (which is entirely too complicated for her liking) and her laptop computer. In fact, Aimee’s passions are perhaps the opposite of technology. She enjoys working with people (not gadgets) and is an aspiring special education teacher. She also plays the guitar, writes music, and sings, which she combines weekly to lead worship for Campus Crusade at Vanderbilt.

Jordan Clark Lucas maybe not be most technologically savvy person, but is very well informed of the gaming world, especially the Xbox 360.  To get away from gaming, I spend time hanging out with my friends or chatting with them over skype.  Also, I do enjoy listening to music.  My taste is all over the board just not hardcore sceamo metal bands, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, or Justin Bieber.  As a semi-professional achievement hunter, I help people around the globe by helping Rooster Teeth, the creators of the award winning internet show Red vs. Blue, put up videos that contain walkthroughs for those fun little achievements that gamers love to obtain.  Need any updates on upcoming games or help with Xbox Live achievements contact me!  My gamertag is DxtrsSliceOLife.

Alexandra Poch first began her relationship with technology as a little girl cutting off her mother’s phone calls by  stealing the cord and dialing into Netscape instead. She soon moved onto casually teaching herself some extremely basic html code, enough to mystify her friends. Though she has abandoned any serious computer science dreams, she still hopes to someday be Chloe from the popular show 24.

Katherine Pons is technologically challenged. It’s almost pathetic to watch the daily struggles she must go through just to navigate in cyberspace. This being said, she is excited to take this class to learn something new. When she is not struggling to figure out technology, she loves to sit in the gillobby (Gillette Lobby) with her friends, go out to eat, purchase anything with a floral print and write letters.

Nicole Rodriguez-Fierro has a pretty basic knowledge of technology, aside from being able to use her computer and daily gadgets such as blackberry, iPod and Nikon D80, her knowledge ends. Though she would rather spend her time traveling and fulfilling her goal of visiting all the continents ( only Asia, Africa, and Australia left! ) she is excited to learn more about technology and this class is just the place!

Zachary Sherman can’t wait until he can start wearing computerized contacts. He suffers from a severe case of technophilia and wishes he could freeze himself until the year 2020 so that he can have access to all of the new technologies that come out in the next 10 years.

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